What's Happening Now!!

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What Can You Expect This Year?

We are preparing for 3 types of learning that may happen this year.  We are told to be flexible and that we can move in between the three types of learning.  We are starting the first 4 weeks of school in RED: Remote learning.

RED: Remote learning- students learning from home in an online/virtual setting. Per district leadership, this also includes our students receiving special education services. No students will be attending in-person learning while in the remote learning/red model. 

YELLOW: Hybrid learning- in-person and remote learning- ½ our enrollment participates in online learning, ½ our enrollment participates in in-person learning 4 days a week, every other week. As of now, students receiving special education services will also follow this model. 

  • Cohort A: The first week of school for students whose last names begin with A-L is Tuesday, Sept. 8, through Sept. 11.

  • Cohort B: The first week of school for students whose last names begin with M-Z is Tuesday, Sept. 15, through Friday, Sept. 18.

GREEN: Full reentry- all students participate in in-person learning full time


Virtual Home Visits & First Few Weeks:

We know how important it is for our teachers to make connections to your children during the first few weeks of school.  We want to make those same connections with your child and family.  We will have virtual home visits between August 12-14.  Our teachers will be building our virtual learning communities during the week of August 17-21 with a variety of community-building activities.  

School Supply Lists:

We have updated our school supply lists to reflect the 3 types of learning that may happen this year.   To support remote online learning (RED-Remote learning) at home, our teachers have identified school supplies that we request you have at home.  We have also identified YELLOW and GREEN school supplies; supplies we will collect when we move to in-person learning.  We hope this helps you for shopping purposes.  Please access our updated class lists here.

Technology Distribution:

APS is moving to 1-to-1 devices for students!  This is awesome!  This means that all K-12 students in APS will get a device!  Our kinder-2nd grade students will be receiving an iPad, and our 3rd-5th grade students will receive Chromebook laptops.  We are currently preparing for technology and instructional material distribution.  The devices for all our students are en-route to DCES.  We will have an official distribution date soon!


Meet the Teacher:

One of my favorite days, Meet the Teacher, will be virtual on Tuesday, August 11th from 1:00-3:00pm.  Our teachers will be contacting families of their new students by August 7th and will be sharing a link to join their “Meet the Teacher” session.  Here is the schedule:
Kinder- 1:00-1:15
1st- 1:20-1:35
2nd- 1:40-1:55
3rd- 2:00-2:15
4th- 2:20-2:35
5th- 2:40-2:55

Meal Distribution:

Grab and Go Meals

Families can either pick up 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from select sites. Families can also pick up a week's worth of meals on Mondays. The schedule will be adjusted when the holidays fall on the same day as meal pick-ups.

A week's worth of meals

Guidelines for Families

  1. Grab and Go meals are available to anyone 18 years of age and under.

  2. Tickets are no longer required to pick up meals.

  3. Students do not need to be present, but they are always welcomed.

  4. APS asks families to wear a face-covering when picking up meals, like a homemade mask or a scarf. Face coverings are not required, and families without face coverings may still pick up meals.

  5. APS requests that you do not bring animals to the Grab and Go sites, including in your cars.


Registration Help or Questions: 

Please contact our secretary, Miranda Saiz at miranda.saiz@aps.edu for any questions or help.  Please complete registration so we can plan for this year.  

We are in the office daily from 8:00-3:00pm. We are working hard to have another successful year at Dennis Chavez Elementary.