Dennis Chavez PTA

Executive Board Member Roster 


President - Jill Leckbee 

1st Vice-President - Ashley Arnold

2nd Vice President - Beth Hess

Treasurer - Beth Jones

Secretary - Sam Henning

Principal - Jessica Chavez

Vice Principal - Daniele Knee

Dennis Chavez Approved PTA Bylaws

Committee Chair Positions

The following are positions of annual and ongoing events and activities that help support our elementary school. If you see and are interested in an OPEN position to chair or could give even just 5 minutes of your time to any single program please let us know.  

Boxtops/Free Money - Ashley Hill 

  • Helps DCES PTA collect extra money for free through collecting boxtops and organizing other corporate programs.

Breakfast & Balloons - Lynette Karulkar

  • Coordinates the Albuquerque Aloft Event at our school, with hot air balloons taking off from our school field, and organizes food for the event.  

Families in Need - Coryn Helmken

  • Help organize support for families in need.

Community Partners - Teresa Brotherton

  • Help organize community spirit nights at local businesses.


Desert Ridge Liaison - Jill Leckbee

  • Representative at both schools' PTA meetings to help coordinate with both schools. 

Madison PTA Liaison - OPEN​

  • Representative at both schools' PTA meetings to help coordinate with both schools.

Jog-A-Thon​ -Jenny Berka & Megan Honsowetz

  • Coordinates the Fall Jog-A-Thon to help raise money for school necessities and activities.

Spring Fling - Ted King

  • Coordinate a Spring carnival for the families at DCES.

Library Liason - Heather Anderson

  • Help the DCES Library cordinate the Fall and Winter Book Fair.

Musical - Valarie Brown

  • Help coordinate with a local company to put on a musical by the students of Dennis Chavez.

Money Processor - Julie Ashcraft  Stephanie Howell 

  • Counts and records money, and helps complete paperwork for incoming PTA funds.

Holiday Grams - Student Council​

  • Organize the selling and distribution of holiday wishes that students can give to one another and be distributed during school.  

Instructional Council - Valerie Brown​

  • Parent representative on the school's Instructional Council, meets monthly during the school year.  

Original Artwork - ​​Mirianda Bordina 

  • Coordinates an art project with the Original Artworks company for ordering gifts made with students' artwork.  

Hospitality - Tara Elliott​

  • Coordinates treats for school sponsored events such as the Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, and Welcome Back Breakfast.  

Panther Paraphernalia - Stacy Vicenti 

  • Help to organize, design, and sell school paraphernalia throughout the year.

Parliamentarian - OPEN​

  • Help keep the PTA on track and following all set of rules.  

Picture Coordinator - Joy Galvan 

  • Help coordinate the annual pictures days at DCES.

Science Fair - Misty Carty 

  • Coordinate the DCES Science Fair in the Winter. 

Special Ed Liaison - 

  • Representative of the Special Ed community at our school to make sure their needs are being meet.

Runners Club - Johnna Mente 

  • Help facilitate our after-school runners program.

Fifth Grade Party - OPEN

  • Help organize a "Good Luck Send Off" party for 5th graders

Fifth Grade Advancement Party - OPEN 

  • Help organize a final farewell party for the outgoing 5th grade class.

Staff Appreciation - Samantha Henning

  • Coordinate gifts, treats, and meals for the staff at our school.  

Sunshine - Denise Noonen 

  • Provide Staff treats for their birthdays.

Teacher Wishlist - Melissa Eaton

  • Collect wish lists from teachers which can be available for parents.  

Family Math & Science Night - Valarie Brown

  • Help organize a night of science and math related activities at our school.

Fourth Grade Hospitality - Yanee Augugliaro 

  • Coordinate treats for the 5th grade Advancement

Social Media - Johnna Mente(

  • Upkeep of websites and keeps social media up to date.  

Yearbook - Joy Galvan , Cecilia Moore

  • Help develop, publish and distribute the yearly DCES Yearbook

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